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                                Houston Business Journal, 01/13 - Made in Houston

                                Plastic News, 01/13 - Blackwell expands in equipment, staff

                                Opportunity Houston Magazine, 03/12 - Greater Houston Manufacturers Association founding is mentioned on page 23

                                Press Release, 08/12 - Blackwell Plastics receives ISO certification

                                Plastics News, 05/11 - Training Brings Tooling Care to Forefront
                                Blackwell Plastics invests in state-of-the-art training to manage and maintain peak performance for injection molding and extrusion tooling.

                                Press Release, 01/11 - Blackwell Plastics Extends Material Capabilities for Specialty Pipe and Tubing Custom injection molding manufacturer

                                Plastic News, 10/26/10 - Blackwell Plastics is featured about efforts in recycling old injection molds for new customers.

                                Press Release, 10/10 - Repurposing of Obsolete Injection Molds Breathes Life into New Plastic Parts and Our Ailing U.S. Economy

                                SPE The Extruder, 10/10 - Numerical Screw Position vs. Back Pressures

                                Injection Molding Magazine, 06/10 - Seven Decades of Custom Molding and Counting

                                Modern Plastics Worldwide, 04/10 - Notable Processors of 2010

                                Press Release, 03/10 - Industrial Thermoplastics Go Green

                                Modern Plastics Worldwide, 02/10 - Buyers' market for resin could be in place until 2013

                                Press Release, 12/09 - New Extrusion Line

                                Press Release, - Growing Medical Portfolio for Blackwell Plastics, Territory 71

                                A to Z Materials, 03/09 - New Range of Homewares Made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester

                                Press Release, 07/08 - Custom injection molding of fire hydrants by Blackwell Plastics due to high cost of metals causing thefts

                                Houston Chronicle, 08/05 - Pricier future in plastics
                                President of Blackwell Plastics interviewed about the rise in plastic chemicals.

                                04/04, Houston Business Journal - Plastics company leader stretches his mind to keep pace with change



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