Featured Projects

                                Plastic Faceplate for Beverage Machines

                                Plastic Faceplate

                                Application: Faceplate/valve housing for frozen drink machine

                                Product requirements: Water clear, excellent chemical resistant, good impact, low stress, performance at temperatures ranging from -40F to 160F and ability to machine.

                                Blackwell Plastics provided design for manufacturing services along with material evaluation, tooling and production. Part required multiple close tolerance machining operations.

                                Material: Eastman Tritan Co polyester

                                Press: 360 ton Negri Bossi

                                Secondary Operation: Hurco VM2 machining center

                                Enclosure for Pocket Sized Wireless Router

                                Plastic Wireless Router

                                Application: New pocket sized wireless router needed to be designed, engineered and launched in a very short time frame. Blackwell Plastics assisted in selecting a partner for design, prototype and bridge tooling. Production included molding, heat staking, assembly, and pad printing.

                                Material: Custom color FR ABS Parts: Upper/lower housing, light pipe, button Press: 130 metric ton

                                Secondary operations: Pad printing, Heat staking, assembly

                                Conveying Tube for Commercial Ice Machine

                                Plastic Tubing

                                Application: 3.5" extruded complex hollow profile with uneven wall sections mating to tight tolerance injection molded part. Profile to have CNC machined opening to accept mating part in side wall.

                                Material: NSF approved pipe grade polyethylene

                                Extruder: 2.5"

                                Secondary operations: Close tolerance CNC machining

                                Housing for Wireless Communications System

                                Plastic Communication Housing

                                Blackwell Plastics coordinated design, custom material development, manufacturing, and assembly of housing. Part had 47 molded in stainless inserts in top and bottom. Assembly included solvent welding, heat staking, machining, assembly of outside purchased components, and EMI shielding.

                                Application: Design, tool, and manufacture housing for municipal first responder communication infrastructure.

                                Requirements: High impact, high chemical resistance, 10 year outdoor durability, water tight.

                                Material: Custom formulated Polycarbonate parts: Upper/lower housing, battery covers, access doors

                                Press: 550 ton Battenfeld

                                Secondary operations: Solvent welding, mechanical assembly, packaging

                                Insulator for Electrical Bus Bars in Low Voltage Switch

                                Plastic Profile Insulator

                                Application: Customer needed cost effective solution for insulating new style of switch gear. Blackwell Plastics worked with the customer to select and be the first company in N. America to extrude Xyron 540 V PPE/PS in hollow profile extrusions. Blackwell Plastics designed and built extrusion and vacuum sizing dies in-house.

                                Material: Xyron 540 V PPE/PS

                                Parts: Insulator

                                Extruder: 2.5"

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