Food & Beverage

                                Food & Beverage

                                In the 1950s Blackwell Plastics developed and manufactured the first plastic components for the Igloo Corporation. Later, we developed the Screw Pull with notorious entrepreneur and oilfield engineer Herb Allen. The Screw Pull, a wine bottle opener, sold millions across the world and is still one of the leading brands today. Today, Blackwell Plastics produces a number of products for the convenience store industry including cream coolers, drip trays, and components for drink dispensers. We also provide components to machinery in commercial food manufacturing.

                                Blackwell Plastics follows the manufacturing standards of ISO 9001: 2008 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) as prescribed by the FDA. Our manufacturing processes provide complete lot traceability, hourly inspection records, and customer specific gauges to ensure proper fit to mating components. Blackwell Plastics is unique in that we offer injection molding and extrusion in one company. Our extrusion group specializes in short run pipe and tubing of specialty engineering materials. Our injection molding group has expertise in processing thick walled parts with zero voids. We offer secondary operations including plastic assembly, kitting, and packaging. As many of our clients are industrial manufacturing clients we offer Kan Ban, pull systems, and logistic services to minimize inventory and ensure JIT delivery.

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